Friday, January 18, 2008


The windows in my class open out sideways. They used to open upwards, for the past 2 years, along with a sometimes interesting view of the rear carpark in the mornings. The cool air would blow in, and on a rare day, the Batmobile would drive by, which it really did once. I have the same view once again, just from a different angle. The same cool air blows in. Perhaps I'll return to my habits later in the year, and stop crashing the classes of my old classmates in the morning.

Last year, when I sat on someone else's table, opened the window and watched what happened on the road below, I felt a little lonely, especially early in the morning, when most people haven't arrived and those who have are sleeping or in a similar state. Then someone else comes along and joins me (sometimes I am that someone else). Eventually, a merry party gathers and we talk about random things or stone together, which brings a warm feeling all of its own to me. But, the bell's got to ring some time and it does.

I'd rather not be alone this year when I watch through the windows. Yet I can't possibly be crashing others' classes or making them crash mine all year can I? Ok, maybe I might be able to, but I'm not persistent enough at 7am for that everyday. And besides, what message would that send to my new classmates? To do that might be like looking out the window on a fresh, cool morning without opening the pane.

The question once more presents itself. But the perceived choice to be made bolts the windows to their pane. What should one do? Use a screwdriver of course. There's probably another option for those who start the answer with the outcome in mind, think of the method a little later and have the strong enough will to carry it out. The true and meaningful ending, for the corresponding solution.

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Juzzie said...

ohh yes, the Batmobile. Now I remember that one. ^^

You know, I have a great idea. Perhaps instead of worrying about the window you could go down for FireAC every morning!