Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yea - that's the stuff

Possibility 1: Gastric ulcer
Possibility 2: Subconscious psychological triggers.

The likelihood that Possibility 1 in isolation causes the bouts of nausea lately would be strange but possibly not totally off the mark. No alarm symptoms, no high-end scale pain and viable (albeit reduced) appetite point to less serious stuff though to be fair, having symptoms for 2 weeks is already a bad sign, even if life is sort of going on near normal (being too manly to admit that something worse might be afoot). A fact however which points to Possibility 2: 'stressful' situations trigger symptoms (amongst other possible triggers such as vigorous exercise, eating and in some circumstances, talking so don't call me, msn me). Possibility 2 in isolation fails to explain certain things as well: firstly, it does not account for the sudden onset and secondly, my doubt if the body can be affected solely by a screwed up superego (in the psychoanalytic sense) without alarm being communicated first through the ego.

I do hope I'm being rational enough for a casualty, even if uninformed. On the bright side, it gives me some personal impetus to mug bio (hand-written notes for entirety of last year's work completed in 6 days). Drug dose increased too.

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